Updated January 2009: Please note that all of the links on this page have been removed as I have
decided to sell my entire collection of Marcrest (over 500 pieces) as well as this webpage. If you are
interested in purchasing any Marcrest pieces or the rights and ownership to this webpage, please contact
me by clicking here: The Marcrest Man. Once the site and/or all the pieces are sold I will delete this
page. Thank you for all of your support and interest over the past dozen years in helping to establish the
original Mar-Crest webpage and trading community (est. 1997) .



Mar-Crest Market


~  Established 1997  ~




Welcome to Mar-Crest Market, your primary source for Mar-Crest information and online shopping.
We have been dealing in Mar-Crest stoneware since the 1990s and established the first website dedicated to Mar-Crest, which has been the leading site for Mar-Crest information since its inception. We have responded to thousands of e-mails and helped hundreds of customers grow their collections by establishing ourselves as a reputed and knowledgeable dealer of authentic Mar-Crest stoneware. We invite you to join the growing Mar-Crest family and experience the warmth of this collectible stoneware.
To help you get where you're going, we welcome you to explore our site using the links at the sides of the screen. Read about the history of the Mar-Crest name, peruse our online shop, explore dozens of unique Mar-Crest pieces in our photo galleries, or simply e-mail us with your Mar-Crest questions. We are happy to respond to all inquiries and help you learn about the wonderful world of Mar-Crest.  Thank you for choosing Mar-Crest Market as your source for Mar-Crest information and we hope you enjoy your visit.
~  Mar-Crest Market  ~


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